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DO NOT BOOK - Westin Global Content Test Hotel1 - Sunset

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DO NOT BOOK - Westin Global Content Test Hotel1
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المطاعم والصالات

La Cañtina Spörts Barkda

The Ka’anapali Golf Resort offers two attractive choices: Ka’’’anapali Royal (N) and Ka’anapali (S). Both are conveniently located across from The Westin Maui Resort & Spa, Ka’anapali. Experience the course before your visit with our interactive tour More >

الأكلات: مشروبات كوكتيل ووجبات خفيفة
قوانين الزي: Cocktail Attire - Anything you'd wear to a cocktail event.
ساعات العمل: 17:00 - Midnight
الأجواء: High-style Cocktails and Appetizers
الإعدادات: إطلالة على المحيط

Snorkel's Bar | Grill Restaurant

Conveniently located beside the Resort's quarter-acre pool and overlooking the beach, Snorkel's serves tasty grilled favorites and ice-cold tropical drinks in an open-air setting. More >

الأكلات: Central European
قوانين الزي: Beachwear - No bikinis.
إيقاف السيارات: انتظار السيارات
ساعات العمل: 11:00 - Serving Food until 17:00; the bar is Open until 19:00
الأجواء: مشروبات كوكتيل
الإعدادات: setting
الهاتف: PhoneNumber

SA|BOR-Dining (597) - 景苑咖啡厅 (CN)11

test_short_descr - 景苑咖啡厅 (CN) More >

الأكلات: Central European
قوانين الزي: Sports Wear - test_dress_code_descr Test
إيقاف السيارات: testparking_descr
ساعات العمل: test_hours_of_operation_descr
الأجواء: test_atmosphere
الإعدادات: test_setting
الهاتف: test_phone1

W Café - ワインラウンジ (JP)

Who wants a bite? Sip a cappuccino or grab a nibble at the W Café. As night falls, W Café transforms into a lively bar. ワインラウンジ (JP) More >

الأكلات: قهوة
قوانين الزي: الزي الرسمي المخفف
إيقاف السيارات: Prking Desc
ساعات العمل: 6:30AM - 12:00AM
الأجواء: Translationt Test2
الإعدادات: Translations Test
الهاتف: 512-834-2426

Prop 599's Restaurant

Prop 599's Restaurant Short Description More >

الأكلات: قهوة
قوانين الزي: Business Casual - Prop 599's Restaurant Dress Code Description
إيقاف السيارات: Prop 599's Restaurant Parking Description
ساعات العمل: Prop 599's Restaurant Hours of Oeration
الأجواء: 599 Atmosphere
الإعدادات: 599 Setting
الهاتف: 599-PHONE-NUMBER
Location: Located at 599 - Carole's Test Property

Restaurant●Lounge●Bar DesInDes - Test

In the mood for casual dining overlooking beautiful Great Cruz Bay? A bountiful buffet breakfast is served daily and The Beach Café is also the place to take in the sunset with cocktails and dinner. More >

ساعات العمل: 7:00 - 11:00; 18:00 - 0:00


Coffee/Tea Maker with Starbucks Coffee

ماكينة إعداد القهوة/الشاي

Dining/F&B Service

testing short desc 

Change Attribute Name

Short Desc 

Cuisine (Listing Rank 2)

Enjoy our spectacularly delicious cutting-edge, cuisine. The hotel’s culinary staff offers a wide range of options and is renowned for their expertise, flair, creativity, and cooperation.  المزيد  >

Cooking Lessons

Chef Cavalotto has a passion for cooking and enjoys being creative and innovative with his dishes. He also likes to teach others his passion for food and mentor the people with whom he works with. More >

1 King Bed®



Fuel your body with delicious SuperFoodsRx™ dishes packed with nutrients and energy. More >




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