فندق ميستيك، أحد فنادق لاكشري كوليكشِن، سانتوريني

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Rated 4.1 out of 5 by 14 reviewers.
Rated 1 out of 5 by Disgrace to SPG Category 7 level Mystique was a very disappointing end to our honeymoon. The facilities are in dire need of renovations and the front desk manager needs additional hospitality training. It is disgraceful to call this a Category 7 SPG hotel. Based on online reviews we were initially sad Mystique was not available for the entire week of our stay in Santorini. We ended up booking Andronis Luxury Suites for the first 3-nights. It is now time to leave and thank god we spent the first 3-nights at Andronis. Which was more central, beautifully maintained and the staff was top notch. The last 3-nights at Mystique were a nightmare and we cannot wait to go home in the morning. What a horrible way to end our honeymoon! The specifics are as follows: 1. Luggage – The night before the hotel switch I asked Mystique’s front desk manager, Anisa, if they could help with our luggage from Andronis in the morning since we scheduled a 9AM catamaran tour. She asked me why I didn’t ask Andronis to send it instead��� I told her since we were checking INTO Mystique wouldn’t Andronis have the same question for us about you guys? We didn’t even take their courtesy shuttle from the airport which is 30 minutes away vs. the 5 min drive from Andronis. 2. Quality control – We booked the Spiritual Suite & Spa which is one of their more expensive suites and features a private fitness room and an in-bathroom Jacuzzi. As soon as we walked into our room we were hit with a gust of hot damp stale air. It was obviously coming from the Jacuzzi inside the bathroom. I tried turning up the A/C but hardly anything came out of the vents so I tried opening the window in the bathroom. To my surprise the window was broken as was the floor standing dehumidifier in the bedroom. We called the front desk and they sent a technician. We spent the next 1.5 hours waiting for them to diagnose the issues. The technician’s diagnosis was the A/C was only a level 2 so we will just have to wait for the room to cool down, they were going to order the window part in the morning and the dehumidifier was broken. Anisa, their front desk manager showed up after the technician left and her recommended solution was to keep the bathroom door closed. It is now day-3 and let me tell you it is still a swamp in here despite having the a/c on max and the bathroom door closed all the time. We’ve spent the last 3 nights sweating in bed and getting eaten by mosquitos because the broken window in the bathroom is the only ventilation in there. The dehumidifier is still broken and unplugged in the corner. We finally asked them to drain the Jacuzzi completely since it has become unbearable. For comparison the a/c at Andronis was so cold we had to turn it off despite having a similar setup plus a pool. We also didn’t realize there were mosquitoes in Santorini until we showed up at Mystique. 3. Cleanliness – Our room also featured an outdoor Jacuzzi but it was entirely useless since the bottom was covered in debris and the top featured a layer of dead bugs. We told Anisa about it when she came by the first night and she blamed the high winds from the night before and that we should feel free to call them to clean it. That would be totally understandable but it was already 4PM in the afternoon… Also don’t hotels regularly check and clean guest facilities before check-in, never mind a Category 7 SPG one? Our room also featured a layer of soot on the floors and a blood splattered mosquito on the wall over our bed. It is now day 3 and the outdoor Jacuzzi is still unsanitary for human use and the mosquito memento is still there… For comparison our room at Andronis was spotless. The indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi and pool was cleaned 2x a day and the floor was so clean you could probably eat off of them. Housekeeping folded our clothes and left thank you notes when we left gratuities. 4. Safety – Because our room is so damp and hot my wife wanted to lie on the couch in the nude to cool off after a shower around 1PM. To her surprise an unannounced hotel employee suddenly opened the door and tried to come in. My wife was in shock and screamed for him to leave. It turns out he was trying to deliver some fruit to our room but he didn’t even bother to ring the doorbell! Around 3PM housekeeping wanted to clean our room but we asked them to come back in half an hour. We left for a hike to the bay about 20 minutes later and noticed the master housekeeping key was left in the cylinder on the outside of our door. We didn’t think too much of it since we thought housekeeping was coming back soon. When we came back to the room around 7:30PM the master key was still on the door and our room was still dirty. Basically the key to every room in the hotel including ours was left on our door for almost 5 hours. If anything valuable is missing who is to blame and who is responsible? 5. Management – The front desk manager Anisa was less than helpful during our entire stay. Aside from the before mentioned issues she constantly talked over us when we tried to explain the situation and without fail ALWAYS put the blame on us. When we called about the key in the door and dirty room she blamed us for not being ready when housekeeping came by. When we told her about the swamp in our room she asked why we didn’t close the door. We did and in fact we asked them to drain it eventually. By the way if the A/C isn’t sufficient to cool the room shouldn’t you either upgrade the A/C or take the Jacuzzi out? Don’t blame your guests! When the Jacuzzi or floors were dirty she blamed us for not calling them to clean it even though that was why I was calling in the first place. I told her the bedroom TV, speakers in the suite and exercise bicycle has not worked from day one and she without fail asked me why I didn’t call to let them know? I told her the shower leaked water all over the floor and into the bedroom and she asked me if I was showering correctly. Is it my job to inspect the rooms and call every day to report issues? What is the primary function of her role then? I am so disappointed with our stay at Mystique. It was supposed to be a magical ending to our honeymoon. Instead we were treated with disrespect and the accommodations were subpar even for a motel never mind a Luxury Collection Category 7 SPG hotel. This is our 4th Luxury Collection hotel and no way does Mystique deserve this designation and should be dropped by SPG completely. It cost us over a $1,000 a night to stay here and it basically ruined our honeymoon. June 5, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by steep stairs The Mystique, located within walking distance of the quaint tourist town of Oia, has spectacular views onto the volcanic crater that makes the sunsets on Santorini so famous. The staff are wonderfully friendly, courteous, and helpful. As an SPG Platinum member we were offered a ‘one step’ upgrade from a vibrant suite to an allure suite, although better upgrades were available. We did not press the upgrade issue as the SPG ‘best available accommodation’ guarantee does not apply to non-standard suites. The hotel restaurant, although fantastically expensive, offers outstanding international continental cuisine and stunning views from its outside verandah. A modest dinner here, with local wine and no expensive ingredients such as lobster or foie gras, will come to about EUR 100 per person; at the Greek home-style Anemomilos restaurant across the road from the hotel dinner with local table wine is about EUR 15 per person. Both are excellent and worthwhile, within their respective genres, although not on similar levels of elegance or sophistication. Unfortunately, the hotel’s location on the wall of the volcano limits its accessibility very severely, making it the equilivent of a five-story walk-up with no elevator. Unless you are physically able to easily climb up and down the numerous steep stone and concrete stairs you will find the location very difficult to navigate. Other nearby hotels, located nearer to the main road, might be more suitable and would offer similar views. The hotel is nearly impossible to find as it has no signage on the main road and is located slightly off of it. Although local law prohibits private signs placed directly on the main road, this situation could be corrected by renting adequate signage space from the small store nearby which seems to have plenty of clearly visible posters of different sizes and shapes, as do numerous other business establishments of all types. There is no parking area and no staff posted outside to welcome guests and handle baggage. Again, this could be corrected by acquiring space for a kiosk on the main road where services such as baggage handling and valet parking could be supplied as befits a luxury hotel. The Mystique offers complimentary pick-up service at the local airport, but they did not send anyone to meet us despite being informed well in advance of our exact flight arrival details, apparently because we were renting a car. We were not informed that this service would not be offered to us, but we did have the good luck of accidentally meeting one of the hotel’s employees when we stopped in a nearby spot to ask passersby where the hotel might be after hours of searching in vain and asking many other people. All of the rooms are officially classified as luxury suites but most are really at best junior suites consisting of one large room with an open space divider. The floors appear to be white-washed concrete, complete with footprints of former guests. This situation could be corrected by acquiring some of the much admired Greek rugs such as flokati. The seating area is also made of concrete attached to the walls. Although cushions are provided, the sofa is very awkward and uncomfortable. The whole set up is more along minimalist lines than really luxurious, perhaps in order to invoke a local peasant environment. In any event, a traveler who comes to the Mystique expecting luxury will be severely disappointed. Bathroom amenities are limited to soap and shampoo with no conditioner or lotion supplied; the little extras (such as mouth wash or tooth brushes) normally associated with luxury hotels are missing. If these items were supplied, we could not find them and we did look. For luxury hotel accommodation and comfort, the Arion (a sister Luxury Collection Hotel in Greece) could well serve as model for a future renovation of the Mystique. Senior travelers or others who have difficulty bending down will find it impossible to reach many items in the room, such as the towels in the bathroom, the items in the fridge, the glasses, etc, as all of these are placed nearly on the level of the floor. This could be easily corrected by using everyday devices such as towel racks or shelves. In short, little planning has been devoted to the guests’ convenience and comfort. The views are fantastic and the staff are wonderful, but the Mystique is a disappointment as a luxury hotel. November 12, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Terrible experience - this is no Luxury Collection I will start this review with an appreciation for the courtesy and flexibility of Drahana and the whole reception staff - but this is going to be just the only positive comment I can make about Mystique. The resort is a complete disappointment and honestly I do not understand how it is classified as Cat 7 and part of the Luxury Collection at all. The standard room that we had booked (for more than 500 EUR/night!) was basically a cave with NO WINDOWS, deep inside the rocks and barely larger than the king size bed, A basic bathroom faced the bed and almost obstructed the entrance. Next to a huge old time air conditioning device, a movable dehumidifier - obviously a patch to fight the humidity and the bed smell of the cave. We started to complain saying that a room like that could not belong to a luxury resort and we were told that Mystique was "a different kind of luxury". We refused to spend the night in that room - my wife asked the staff to prepare her bed for the night on the microscopic terrace using the sun deck chairs. At this point the hotel manager started to worry, and after a frantic round of phone calls offered us to stay in a house in the village for the first night - as they would be able to upgrade us to a "suite" the following day. Indeed, the second day we were moved to a better room, which anyway was small and cheaply furnished - nothing by any means in common with the many Cat 7 resorts we have stayed at around the world. In the new room, the internet connection did not work at the beginning, and after several attempts by the staff to fix it, kept breaking down all the time and was anyway terribly slow when it was on. No-name cheap bathroom amenities, XXS bathrobes. Similarly cheap bed linens and sheet. Almost no place to hang our stuff. Small TV set with few channels in poor quality. So much for our accommodation... the hotel has two very small pools, no lobby, no private parking (it is usual that guests rent a car to visit the island). As it was said by other reviewers, there is a serious safety issue,as one is forced to walk up and down steep stairs with no handrail ...some of these stair were not illuminated at night. The shower in our room was very hard and risky to access, as one had to climb and jump over a sort of slippery wall (all this defined as "traditional" by the hotel). All in all: I cannot figure out how a resort like this could be sold as Cat 7 and priced accordingly. I have been in Santorini a few times, and I have stayed at several Cat 7 establishments. The beauty of the island cannot compensate for the miserable standard of this resort and justify the steep rates one has to pay. October 1, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good hotel in great setting with little flaws We stayed at the hotel for 4 night over Easter 2014. The hotel contacted us before to confirm the pick- up from airport and asked about newspaper wishes etc, which I found very good. Arriving at JTR airport we ( together with 5 others) were picked up with an old mini- bus and transferred to the hotel. Upon arrival we were greeted by very friendly staff and shown to our upgrade room. Room was nice, but lighting did not work, but was fixed rather quick. Bed was comfy and breakfast first class. Service in restaurant were we also had dinner one night was perfect. The website says that you have coffee/tea making facilities in the room which wasn't the case, so we inquired. We were told that we could order from room service instead, which we did and found out that we actually were charged, but the charge was taken off after a short explanation. Room itself is - like many in Santorini - in a cave, which makes it very special, but also very dark. You have a private terrace, but hardly any privacy as the walkways are outside the rooms and hence people always walk by your terrace, windows. May 14, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Luxury and perfection Mystique is stunning. Everything about my stay was perfect; I was picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel, a chilled glass of sparkling wine was waiting for me at reception and I was given a tour of the property. My room was amazing, with a beautiful view. I particularly enjoyed an evening tasting of local wines in the "cave". The staff are spectacular and catered to my every need and made sure my stay was perfect. There is literally nothing that I could fault about this hotel, I was sad to leave and I can't wait to return. October 21, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by AMAZING HOTEL This is a once in a lifetime hotel destination. The staff goes out of the way to make you feel special. This hotel was extremely relaxing and had amazing views. You will not be disappointed with this hotel. September 9, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Breathtaking but lots of steps! We travelled to Oia after staying at the Starwood property in Mykonos. Both are very spectacular in their own ways. Mystique is a breathtaking property, the views are spectacular and the facilities are magnificent. However, it is a vertical hotel, with many steps. It was not a problem for us, but some of the guests struggled with the steps. Our room was awesome, a cave, with a sitting room and separate bedroom and a private balcony. The bathroom was adequate but on the small side and our shower leaked, a minor inconvenience. The staff is what makes these resorts so memorable, they provide great customer service and are very friendly. We ate at both restaurants and the food was outstanding. Breakfast by the pool was incredible, the perfect food and the views of the Caldera. We were celebrating our anniversary and we were thrilled with the Mystique, it is romantic and such an unique property. Oia is a beautiful city, streets made of marble. We took a sunset sailing tour that was great. One of the highlights of the trip was a wine tour and cooking class with SAFOWI, Santorini Wine and Food Tours. It was very educational and fun. We also did the cliff walk from Thira to Oia, which was challenging but incredible. If you want luxury in an unparalleled location, you can't miss with Mystique. October 13, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by absolute paradise everything about the hotel was great. location is magnificent. food, rooms, staff all top notch. will hopefully come back soon July 17, 2014
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